Friday, October 1, 2010

Every Artist Needs Their Studio

Looking like a cross between a minatures workbench and a carnival of psychotic white clowns led by a sauropod, it must be where Iggy spends most of his evenings, when he's not being awesome everywhere else, that is.

We make our painting space wherever we can. For me it's ranged from a room shared with 11 gerbils, to a college dorm that can barely fit a battleforce, let alone a wiry tabletop gamer.

Yes, if you were able to discern from the white cloud of models in the picture that these are Harlequins, you are correct. 30 of them to be exact. They're my 'longterm project', but have been for far too long, walled up in my aptly named 'Harlie Case' lonely and unfinished, like that novel your friend has been writing since 1998 and fuck knows it will be finished before you've swapped your paintbrush for a walking stick and eat mashed potato through a straw.

The stars are just right, the Dark Eldar are emerging from the deep, bringing with them our much beloved space clowns. Iggy just wants them to dance once more! Is that too much to ask?

I've gotten ahead of myself I think, only time will tell what tricks are coming our way in the near future. In any case, I have clowns to paint, and antibiotics to chow. Later!



Gredus said...

Dude, I found your blast template with "Igy" on it. I put it into one of the terrain cases.

CJ said...

hey Iggy that looks like one bad ass Elite section right there on your desk. I'm really curious how the Dark Eldar codex will be taking these guys. Would love to see some clown cars :).

but I have to ask would you still take harlies over Incubi?

Cheers CJ

Iggy said...

I'm hoping that we'll have some kind of sick delivery system via a webway portal, but we'll see...

I'm sure i'll be trying out Incubi and whatnot, but when I heard that the Harlequins were back, and given that it's a 5th Edition army, I had to start planning ;)

Anonymous said...

Dude, Wicked dinosaur!

Iggy said...

Dinosaur agrees!

Marco said...

Dinosaur might be wicked, but solvent abuse kills...for the love of Vaul, Iggy - put the lid back on the plastic glue!!!