Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autarch Master Strategist - Rules Question

Here's something to think about on one of those rainy days...

The Autarch Master Strategist Rule allows you to add +1 to your reserves roll. It's a nifty vice that enables us to shift the game to our own ends. Lets us stay in the game longer by playing less. A whole turn less to be more specific.

On to the FAQ, look here and scroll down a little bit. Look right, down just a little further.. There you are!

"The player may choose each turn whether to add +1 [...] or no bonus to his reserve rolls."

What's all this about Iggy? We know how to read (some of us anyway). The problem is that the FAQ doesn't mention at which point you get to add or subtract the result. Sure, in your Turn, but is this BEFORE or AFTER you've rolled for those Reserves?

Fortunate for me, I either arrive on turn 2 anyway, or i've rolled a 1, so it's never been an issue for me. But say you've just had a genius moment, a flash of clarity, and suddenly a plan unfolds. You've rolled some dice, some things have finally arrived and you can now go about your Eldar daily business as usual. But you'd like that lone jetbike squad to stay in reserve with no bonus at all. Making that sneaky dash for an objective with no reprisals.

Can you make that call? Thoughts?

This might all be just a bad misunderstanding, after all, I am doped up on meds and seeing pink Guardians around my bed...


Luckless Xenos said...

I think it is that you can choose to add +1 to EACH unit that arrives from reserves for each Autarch you have. So you can add +2 to a wave serpent if you have two Autarchs then add no bonus to the jetbike squad so they arrive on a 4+.

Another question. On turn 3 can you have things arrive automatically when you add +2 to a 3+?

Iggy said...

For sure, the best you can have is a 2+ every turn - unless it's turn 5, at which point your reserves come on automatically

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Autarchs just aren't worth the points in my opinion. I never really reserve anything unless I have to (Like dawn of war, in which case, it's useless anyway.)

But I can see where if you like to keep your stuff out of the line of fire for a bit, that can be a great strategic asset. The greatest thing I can appreciate about Autarchs are their customization options (which, if I do take them, is the reason why.)

As for your question, I believe that you declare which rolls are getting the bonus AFTER the dice are rolled. Otherwise, one of the Autarch's major bonuses went from "This is pretty cool!" to "meh.."

On a different note:

I've been trying to find some Eldar blogs in the hopes of starting one myself (for ideas and such). I've been following you for awhile and it's nice to see a new pair of eyes both agreeing and disagreeing with me! (which reminds me: I too love Vypers! ;D )

Anyway, that's my two cents. Have a good one man!

-Sam (omgfood)

Iggy said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Farseers, but I just found that they didn't offer much to my mech army. Sure, they shut down powers thanks to Runes of Warding, and Fortune is nice, but not strictly necessary.

The only threatening psychic power my mech fears is Living Lightening but it's easy to see how even this is not such big problem when you break it down:

1) The Rune Priest must pass a psychic test
2) The Rune Priest must then roll a d6 to determine the number of attacks
3) The Rune Priest then rolls to hit using BS

After that, he needs a 5 to glance or 6 to penetrate the likes of Waveserpents/ Falcons, and that can be mitigated by cover.

Thanks for the support, if you do get around to setting up a blog of your own, let me know!

stever said...

I'm just a newb, so i could be wrong, but i thought the autarch plus 1 applies to all your reserve rolls, all at once, or you can choose not to.

so i think you're supposed to roll for reserves, look at the dice and decide if you want to add +1 to all of them, at the same time, or not. you don't get to pick and choose which rolls you want to add +1 towards.

just my 2 pence.


Stormy said...

'So i think you're supposed to roll for reserves, look at the dice and decide if you want to add +1 to all of them, at the same time, or not. you don't get to pick and choose which rolls you want to add +1 towards. '

This is what I have been led to believe occurs.

Iggy - I hope someone with Lightning does your entire army over very quickly to learn you. :P

Iggy said...

Heh! I've been lucky so far not to encounter Rune Priest spam, but i've heard the horror stories. I would not like to be on the receiving end of that :p