Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Sweet Prince!

I've been running back and forth in my mind whether or not to use Prince Yriel - after all, he never really fit any of my usual lists. However, after going back and reading not only Dverning's blog, but also every page of Warseer's excellent, though somewhat scattered Eldar Tactics Thread, I've decided to create a new list that kicks his Twilight Spear into action.

Over the last 8 months, I've been using a Saim Hann force that resembles that of Fritz's. Things were shakey at best in my first couple of games. I'd been tabled by an Imperial Guard and Tyrannid force, but with time, I really got the hang of maximising its strengths and working to hide its weaknesses as best as possible. Now, like my old Brightlance list, I can safely say I've mastered it, and at least now, I can win games with it.

Now, I want to explore other avenues offered by the Eldar codex. I'd like to start running 2 large squads of Fire Dragons, use more squads of Storm Guardians with flamers and Destructor Locks. And finally, I'd like to use Yriel and see what he can bring to the game! I'd stayed clear of using him for a few reasons - when competing for a HQ slot, I'd either use 2 Psykers or simply 1. For me, there was no other choice to make. How boring! Furthermore, I couldn't find the points for him in the lists I usually ran, and for the last while, I'd simply been practicing with my Saim-Hann to get it right.

What was I talking about at the start? Oh yes - Yriel! A great little tactic Dverning posted here - I for one can't wait to use it!

Independent Characters don't have to get out of the tank when the rest of the squad does. Because of this, people often forget he's around or assume he's in a different tank. This can be VERY effective to get them to make a bad choice and close within charge range of Yriel.
Put him in with a mech DA or Dragon squad and advance them to a "vulnerable" position. Optimally this will be some place where the unit isn't assaultable that turn, it looks like they are over extended, and/or they would have a hard time getting away even if they got back into the Wave Serpent. Other options for luring the enemy close it to offer up the Wave Serpent as a charge target and/or threatening an objective.
The turn you move the tank, the unit jumps out and shoots while Yriel hides in the tank. Wait for the enemy to close on their turn, spring Yriel out of the tank on your turn, and then sit back and watch the fireworks. - Dverning

Also mentioned on Warseer was the Kamikaze-Prince tactic. You attach Yriel to your Fire Dragon Squad and both disembark from the Waveserpent. At this point you're splitting Yriel from the attached squad. Your Fire Dragons (hopefully) take down that transport, and Yriel hurls himself at the unit, ready to use his Eye to wipe them out. It's crazy, but so crazy it just might work!

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