Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Evil Clowns on the way? Yes Please!

Is it really true? Could we really be seeing the arrival of our beloved clowns in the upcoming Dark Eldar Codex?

Whispers from BoLS have hinted at just that, and it has me well and truly excited! I've been using a Harlequin-themed list for a short time now, and with their proposed appearance in Codex: DE, there may be even more options for use when fielding such a themed army.

I wonder what those options will be... Solitaire perhaps?

*rubs hands together like a maniacal alchemist...

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Dverning said...

It's not that far fetched an idea. Even the current DE codex mentions interactions with the Harlequins. They interact with, recruit from, and assist (or hinder) Exodites, Dark, and Craftworld equally.

So I think it'd be a nice option. Even better? I think DE will provide a better template for running a Harlequin theme army. I've got 17 Reaver Jetbikes that I'd been thinking about making into a Harlequin Warlock Council... but I think they're going to sit a bit longer.