Saturday, November 28, 2009

1750 Eldar Brightlance list

Brightlances get a pretty raw deal from many Eldar players, with most complaints centered around the fact that they're too expensive for something that hits only when the stars are right every thousand years or so.

The following list gets around this, and allows you to field 5 very reliable Brightlances in your army, and provides significant long range support to crack open those transports and de-mech your opponent. It's flavourful and works well for those players who want a tough and durable army list, that still has speed to boot in the form of fast movig skimmers and jetbikes.


Farseer - doom (attached to Banshee squad), Runes of Witnessing, Witchblade
Farseer - guide and fortune, spirit stones (attached to Dire Avenger squad), Runes of Warding, Witchblade
9x Banshees - Executioner
10 x Dire Avengers - Dual catapults, Bladestorm, Defend
10 x Dire Avengers - Dual catapults, Bladestorm, Defend
6 x Jetbikes - 2x Shuriken cannons
3 x Warwalkers - 6x scatter lasers
Waveserpent - spirit stones, brightlance
Waveserpent - spirit stones, brightlance
Waveserpent - spirit stones, brightlance
2 x Wraithlords - brightlance and missile launcher

So there we have it - 5 brightlances, two of which are BS 4, the remaining are twin-linked BS 3.
Keep those bikes in reserve to come in later and grab objectives+on turn 5 by turboboosting. Wraithlords will be popping light transports and Waveserpents swooping in to wipe out passengers ala Bladestorm and Banshees.

Warwalkers while fragile, are great at creating fire lanes to force the enemy where you want them to be, as well as thinning the enemy lines for a banshee assault on the remaining and hopefully isolated squads. Holding these guys in reserve has been a blessing in terms of surviving the first turn or 2, even though Outflanking will mean they don't benefit from Guide, so be wary of this tactic.

The Wraithlords are fire magnets of course, but that's why you take two. Not being vehicles means no Crew Shaken/Stunned to worry about.

Bladestorm en masse to whittle down your opponent's forces. Equipping both Avenger squads with Defend is instrumental in surviving assaults, especially versus Space Wolves, where certain models can have d6 rending attacks in cc for example. You tie up the enemy giving you time for your Banshees to arrive and finish them off.

There you have it - a reliable and durable basis for brightlances that you can actually count on.

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