Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nottingham Doubles Tourney Highlights

A bit late to the party, but I promised some colleagues i'd post something about the awesomeness of the Doubles Tourney at Warhammer World last month. 750 points per teammate, 6 games, 2 days at the home of Warhammer itself. What a blast!

Last minute issues meant my original matchup of Double Dark Eldar wasn't to be, I ended up going with Eldar while my teammate caste his Tau in the role of Iggy's partner - see what I did there? :p

Opting for fun and insanity over anything else, I included a 459 point Seer Council in my 750 point list, forcing the opponent to deal with it while a whole host of Battlesuits, Broadsides and Firewarriors blasted holes into the enemy. Good times :)

Highlights included 9 Sanctioned Psykers led by a Primaris Psyker all having their heads explode inside their transport thanks to some Runes of Warding.
Belial passing 40 armor saves - yes 40 in a single turn.
Our armies ending up as the sacrificial lambs to a double Orc list that landed a devastating turn 2 charge, when a host of Stormboyz land right into our lines, and an exploded result on a trukk causes it to hurtle towards our deployment zone, giving a large Nob unit the distance they needed to charge next turn.

And now, some pretty pics of the event, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Great coverage!!! Any chance on seeing some more pictures of those great eldar?