Monday, November 29, 2010

Dark Eldar 1750

Archon - 145pts
Agoniser, Shadow Field, Combat Drugs, PGL

Haemonculus w/ Agoniser - 70pts

20x Kabalite Warriors w/ 2x Dark Lances - 230pts (Haemonculus here)

10x Kabalite Warrior w/ Dark Lance - 115pts
Raider w/ Dark Lance, Flickerfield, Enhanced Aethersails - 75pts

10 Wyches w/ 1x Razorflails, Hekatrix w/ Agoniser - Haywire Grenades - 160pts
Raider w/ Dark Lance, Flickerfield - 70pts

10 Wyches w/ 1x Razorflails, Hekatrix w/ Agoniser - Haywire Grenades - 160pts
Raider w/ Dark Lance, Flickerfield - 70pts

Incubi x4 - 88 pts (Archon here)
Venom w/ 2 cannons - 65 pts

6x Reaver Jetbikes w/ 2 heatlances - 156

Ravager- 115pts
3x Dark lances

Ravager- 115pts
3x Dark lances

Ravager- 115pts
3x Dark lances


Variety be the spice of life, or in this case, the relish of ruin...

All bad puns aside, I tried to put in a little bit of everything into my list, avoiding those one-trick ponies that seem to gallop about the interwebs like the shameful bastard children they are. That said, when you sit down to write a Dark Eldar army list, it becomes apparent how difficult it is to write a bad one. Seriously. The codex is unbelievably well thought out. There's a wealth of units that work; instead of simply one or two obvious choices that you spam to death, you're actually spoiled for choice. Nice job Phil. (Please write the next Eldar codex too :p)

The only obvious issue you need to deal with is the fragility where troops are concerned. The killing power of Dark Eldar is indeed magnificent, but you need to work out how you're going to dominate those objectives end game. Thankfully there are plenty of options to choose - you can opt for redundancy and go for high model count, either taking max-sized squads or lots of medium-sized squads, not to mention taking full advantage of Haemonculi pain tokens or even taking a solid unit or two of Wracks with FnP and access to some crazy toys like Agonisers and Liquifier guns. Yes please.

So there you have it, a little bit of everything. Not only does this give you ability to handle typically any scenario on a competitive level, it's also fun. That's right, fun and competitive, not mutually exclusive. Take that Warseer!


Stormy said...

Hola sir.

Having seen/played a few games I've noted some stuff and I'll go through them one by one.

Haemon - don't bother with the Agoniser. He's not worth it, especially when you've take a combat character and dumped it into a shooty unit. If you aren't putting him with a combat unit drop his gear: I'd actually recommend that you place him with Wyches to give them FNP asap. If you want him in combat go with a Venom Blade as its cheap and cheerful.

20 Warriors - are you on crack? Those old Lance squads are dead. Either take a small squad with Blasters or big squads with Cannons so that you can torrent stuff away quickly. I really don't think they'll need to have the Haemon with them as they'll maul most squads and pick up Tokens very quickly.

I think Warriors are better in an anti-infantry role now as they pay too much for anti-tank guns and you waste the rest of the units shots when you do fire at vehicles.

Raiders - don't bother going beyond the 70 point mark with them as they simply won't survive to get use out of all of them. I have two builds:

Combat - these are for the assault units and they tend to move Flat Out early getting a 4+ save (making FF near useless) to get close to set up a charge next turn (Night Shields not good either). I just equip them with Sails to get more movement to threaten objectives early.

Shooty - these hang back and pour fire into vehicles or move slowly into range to allow their squads to shoot. I'd recommend Night Shields or Splinter Racks, but not both as its too much. I prefer Night Shields so I get Lance shots at tanks (think Chimeras) that often can't shoot back.

Wyches - not sold on Wych Weapons but others will throw maths at you to support them. I'd rather have an extra warm body. Again, use their Raider as an assault boat and move 25" to 36" if you want to apply pressure early. A Haemon would go a long way in both units (you can always leave him behind and steal his token). Apart from that the equipment looks solid.

Venoms are savage - I don't know why you don't have another one or two. I was surprised to have my guys getting hit by 12 4+ shots from 36" away.

Reavers - savage. They're a solid all-round choice and *very* fast.

Ravagers - I rate Night Shields more than FF because it reduces the amount of shots that will come your way. That's better than trying to nullify 1/3 of them after they've hit home. You've also got a relatively narrow frontage so it should be easy to get a cover save anyway.

I reckon you do with a Blastborn squad in a Venom to support your attack but you need to find 150 to make it happen. That, and put a 2nd Haemon in with the other Wyches to grant FNP.

Dropping the Agoniser to a Venom Blace saves 15, dropping a Wych and Razorflails from each squad saves 40 so that's just bought you another Haemy with Venom Blade. Sorted.

Stormy said...

Google got fussy so I had to split my comments.

With the amount of assault units you have I don't think you need the 2nd Warrior unit in the Raider. I'd be very tempted to swap that out for 3 or 4 Trueborn with Blasters in a Venom to crack open tanks before the combat stuff dives in.

You've got the Warrior blob that can realistically claim 2 Objectives if you play defensively, take out weakened targets and get your Torture Porn Tokens up quickly. Good luck chewing through 15 or 20 FNP and Fearless grunts in cover.

Iggy said...

Some nice points there Stormy - I have to agree with you about not taking the Agoniser on the Haemonculus - I'll be going over that too, and opting for another choice!

I rather like the 20-man 2x Lance unit, for me it's going to work as a solid platform for antitank in the early stages of the game, using cover and FnP nonsense as well as numbers to hold up as long as possible. When they're threatened at close range, i'll be switching to rapid fire and popping off those lances into infantry to cause some wounds. I'm trying to work at versatility here, but I may have gone overboard giving the agoniser to the Haemonculus :p

Stormy said...

If you are going for a 20-man Lance squad then at least consider a Sybarite to give them Ld 9 so that they don't run away before they can get their 3rd Pain Token.