Thursday, August 12, 2010

Iggy's Mechdar 1750

Iggy's 1750 Mech Eldar

Farseer w/RoWarding, Doom, Singing Spear

9 Dire Avengers w/ exarch: Bladestorm, Dual Catapults
5 Dire Avengers
5 Dire Avengers

8 Banshees w/ Exarch: Executioner
8 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch: DBF, Crack Shot
7 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch: DBF, Crack Shot

Wave Serpent w/ TwinShuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, Stones
Wave Serpent w/ TwinShuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, Stones
Wave Serpent w/ TwinShuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, Stones
Wave Serpent w/ TwinShuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, Stones

Falcon w/Stones, Holo-Fields, Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon
Falcon w/Stones, Holo-Fields, Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon


The other option I'm running through in my head is to take out the banshees, divide the Fire Dragons into 3 Squads and take two Vypers as follows:

2x Vyper: Scatter laser, Shuriken cannon

This will add some more support for the army (14 more strength 6 shots to be exact) to keep pressure up on the enemy early on.

3 units of Fire dragons will mean quite simply, that their threat is increased, with more target opportunity to take advantage off.

I still have the +1 reserve roll from Yriel handy as well as the psychic defense with the Farseer's famous Runes of Warding. This list might benefit from Fortune a little better - with the volume of high strength shots and no Banshees to babysit, Doom won't be needed so much.


stever said...

hi i just discovered your blog and i like it a lot! great pics and descriptions!

here's a Q for U:
do you feel like 6 fire dragons is not enough to reliably slag AV14? is that why you take the 7 or 8 w/exarch, or just because you got some leftover points?

i'm trying to decide myself how many Fire Dragons i need in a Wave Serpent (i'm still kinda new to 40k)


Iggy said...

Good question! There's a very good reason for having a larger than 6 unit of Fire Dragons.

The primary role of my Fire Dragons is not simply to de-mech my opponent. I've taken enough strength 6 shots to deal reliably with most armour, and the Fire Dragons are there primarily to deal with Tough Elite units that my opponent brings to the table.

These kinds of units might include Thunderwolves, some of the larger Nids or Plague marines and Greater Daemons for example. While 6 Fire Dragons is more than enough to deal with your opponent's vehicles, it usually doesn't tackle those kinds of units well enough.

As you can also see in my list, i've given the exarch a Dragon's Breath Flamer. This is where things get really interesting. Provided there are no other juicy targets, you may need to thin numbers, and a heavy flamer with reroll to wound is perfect for the job. It allows you to fill a niche that the basic Fire Dragons cannot deal with.

Another alternative of course, which I've used to great effect is to have 3 5-6 man units of Fire Dragons in your list. That way, it's not overkill when they go tank hunting, and they can target more vehicles this way. You can then combine 2 of these small units to tackle the Tough units that your enemy throws at you.

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

yes i understand now...thanks!

you make a good case for the flamer as well, the crack shot reroll to wound helps with the S5 of the DBF.

so how about another question:
do you have a strong preference for the falcon over the prism? or is it a bit of a toss up where you could go either way?

i couldn't resist: i see you don't use fortune, is that because you have so many of the same thing there's less of a point, you fortune one, then they shoot the non-fortuned units, so it's really not as useful until the end of the game? of course eldrad could be used to fortune 3 different units...

thanks again! keep up the awesome blog!

Iggy said...

Oops, didn't see your post till now - I'm not using Eldrad in my lists because he's expensive on top of Yriel at 1750, and with all those anti-psychic powers out there in 5th edition, I feel that he just isn't as effective as he once was.

True, Fortune would be great in this list, but that would mean dropping Doom or vehicle upgrades, or indeed numbers, and as you can see, I have just the right amount of what I need in my list. Anything less and I risk losing effectiveness with my units.

I would consider a standard Autarch instead of Yriel if I really needed to work fortune in there, but Yriel is just too good to pass up!

Lastly, about Fireprisms and Falcons - for me it's not really a matter of preference, since they're used for different things. I'm not a fan of double-prism lists, I think they're spending too many points into a single trick and I believe that our points are better spent elsewhere. For me, Falcons are used as scoring units in objective games, and they give you great support fire ala Pulse Lasers which are useful taking care of Hive Guard Oblits and enemy transports. Turn 5, they make the dash for those objectives and (hopefully) win the game!

stever said...

yes...i see the logic and game plan now...thanks iggy!

if i send you my list i'm working on making will you give me your thoughts on it? I'm a new player and i want to start a Saim Hann / mechdar army.

Iggy said...

Sure thing! Send it my way and I'll take a look :)