Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gaelcon 2010

That's right, coming up in October is Gaelcon 2010 in Dublin (see my fail mistake below - I originally posted Galway of all places)- 4 Days of Wargaming, including 40k, Fantasy, Space Hulk and a whole host of other awesomeness.

Yours truly Iggy will attend with his good ole Space Elves to kick some ass. 6 games, 1750 points, pointy ears and Tankshock madness. See you there!

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Stormy said...

Dear Lord it isn't in Galway: its in the Pale. You'll get *very* lost wandering around Eyre square looking for the D4 hotel. Its in Dublin and its starting Friday the 22nd of October. I might have given Dave the wrong dates the last day so if you could pass the word on so that people can book the right days off work...