Monday, September 13, 2010

Dark Eldar - Leaving Your Cupboard Now!

It's 19:00 hours, and the torrent of rain pelting the window of the Aircoach leaving Dublin City is beginning to annoy me, made even worse by the fact that I've had merely hours of sleep over the past few days - things have been a little crazy in the RL front of late. Anyway, it's a good thing this bus has Wireless, as I've stumbled upon something that Wayne Campbell would describe as:

Something Big. Something Mega. Something Copious. Something Capacious. Something cajunga...

Dark Eldar are official!

Fucking booyah!
If i've ever made some snide comment about their re-emergence being as unlikely as Kerry Catona ever using birth control, for that I am sorry. I'm eating my hat right now. And it's fucking delicious.

According to Games Workshop 'the Studio have made some brand-new Dark Eldar and they'll be here soon.' They'll be unveiled by the one and only Jes Goodwin at Gamesday UK.

Check it out:


Thud said...

I called this in April, but did anyone listen? No, they did not!


Gredus said...

For an Eldar player to simply jump ship and go Dark Eldar makes me sadfase! You're the Sword of Vaul, not the Blade of Khaine!

Anonymous said...

Hey fella

Good work - came across your blog via JawaBalls

Iv been inspired to do something similer at...

- to show my hobby and love for the Blood Angels not Eldar... but i am a big fan :)

Thought you might like to take a look. I put you on my blogroll - im just out here to see what others are upto and to get a little inspiration and improve my knowlege and skill base regarding paintings.

Have fun