Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deff rolla - deff - initely not worth the worry!

I'm sure everyone has become aware of the recent update for the Ork FAQ - Deff rollas have really sent shockwaves through the 40k community.

Yes, this is certainly something to be feared, and it spells certain doom for my walkers, but hey - who cares?

My advise, stop grumbling and devise plans to combat it. I know I will.



Dverning said...

Heh. Why would War Walkers care? The Battlewagons will be pointed at your main lines even more now. This just makes that side armour easier to nail on an Outflank...

Also, I loved Fritz's post on it today. :-p

Iggy said...

'a minor annoyance to see all those ork vehicles with tubes and crappy rollers taped to their fronts this weekend at the tourney.'

That's brilliant :p

Mike Howell said...

I knew I should have saved those old toilet paper rolls.... ;-)

I've never thought to play them any other way, since the rulebook states that a ram is a tank shock pretty explicitly (as least IMHO)

Raptor1313 said...

So the long, thin vehicle with weak flank armor drives straight at me? Score.

AV12 flanks on an 18-wheeler are fine by me. It gives Orks a token threat against AV14 (...which they need help with, admittedly) and makes them more likely to get close and expose them to melta and other nastiness.

Iggy said...

In a recent game vs Orks, I found jetbikes to be extremely effective to take down these vehicles - just zip around to the back, pop off those shuriken cannon hits, and down it goes!

In my particular game, I was only able to manage a side armour shot, but the +1 on the damage table due to open-topped proved to be vital in achieving a wrecked result.