Monday, November 30, 2009

Going to ground & Fortune

I recently used this tactic against a heavily mechanised Tau army in a Seize Ground mission, faced with more guns than a lone Mallard at a NRA Convention.

My Dire Avengers have secured an objective, by moving into cover, and my Farseer casts Fortune on them, allowing them to reroll failed armour/cover saves. In a subsequent enemy shooting phase, I go to ground, giving the entire unit a rerollable 3+ cover save against all incoming fire.

This tactic is great in later stages of the game, when the unit involved is isolated from assault. Mind you, I did have to sacrifice 2 turns of shooting with an entire Avenger squad to make this work, but in doing so, my unit claimed an objective and secured me a draw by the end of the game!

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Foxx said...

Man that is a great tactic! Usually bladestorm is too juicy to pass up but i might try it next time and see what happens