Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sword of Vaul

I've been thinking about setting up a blog for some time now, to finally put together something official to imortalise on the internets our recent Warhammer 40k Club here in Cork City! It's an exciting prospect, to have a new group of avid Wargamers come together, some are new to the game, others (you know who you are) can coolly claim their Veteran status.

I myself, have just recently, after a bout of great (and mostly unsuccessful) games have finally taken my head out of the memoirs of the now deceased 4th edition, and at last, i'm beginning to ease comfortably into 5th edition! I recently even beat Mal's hard-as-nails Plague marine list to boot! Is my luck beginning to change? *ponders*

With more and more people showing up for our weekly games, we truly have a Warhost assembling, and I must say, it's very exciting. Now at last, I can polish the dust from my old Seers and get them back where they belong - right in the thick of battle!

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